Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another Day Another List

Well yet another day when I turned straight away to Iain Dale's Diary as today he revealedTop 50 LibDem Blogs. After just mising out of the top 10 in the Scottish Top 40 yesterday I wasn't sure what to expect today. However I'm sitting there quite impressively at number 15 behind Lib Dem Voice understandably, a Baroness, a MP, an AM and a cuddly elephant.

1. LibDem Voice
2. People's Republic of Mortimer
3. Norfolk Blogger
4. Quaequam Blog
5. Liberal England
6. Lynne Featherstone MP
7. Millennium Dome Elephant
8. Peter Black AM
9. Love & Liberty
10. Liberal Burblings
11. Cicero's Songs
12. Because Baronesses Are People Too
13. Neil Stockley
14. Jock Coats
15. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal

Scanning down looking for the other Scots:

28. Fraser Macpherson
32. Anything Caron Can Do (Strangley ommitted from yesterday's Scottish list sorry Justified Spinner it appears you may be 41st after all)
42. Sound of Gunfire (The spot I would have preferred if not so high)
44. Caron's Musings

10% is not a bad showing by the Scots in the Top 50. So once again thanks to all who voted for me and to Iain for his compilation duties.


James Schneider said...

where did you get the html for the total politics thing on the left hand side? It looks rather nifty.

Oh and well done with awards etc.

Stephen Glenn said...

I made it myself James. Took the picture of Dale's website and added the link to the Total Politics subscription page behind it. Least I could do.


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