Friday, July 18, 2008

Vote Nat Brown Stays

After the Nats, and particularly Alex Salmond, accused Gordon Brown of trying the bribe the Glasgow East electorate and his previous warnings of a quake if the SNP were to win it appears a blip may be all that is left on the screen. Yes the leader of the fifth largest party in the House of Commons says that a win for his party next Thursday will not see the leader of the largest party resign.

Kind of the softly, softly approach of a poacher creeping up on unsuspecting Labour prey and saying it's alright I'm not going to harm you. Lend us you votes and all will still be well with the party you've backed for years, decades even. It also appears to be the sign of a desperate man from being all seismic at the start of the campaign, Alex is starting to imitate Gordon Brown impersonation of a Tim'rous Beastie.

You can imagine the Nats chapping on doors for the next week.

Nat: Hello I'm here on behalf of John Mason the SNP candidate.

Voter: Oh yeah the earthquake guy.

Nat: Er no.

Voter: Well I've been Labour all my days, but I'm nae to sure ye ken.

Nat: Ah but if you vote for us Gordon will still be in charge, just send him a message.

Voter: Ah right. I'll probably be voting Lib Dem then, maybe even Tory, that will really shake him up. (slams door)

Nat: Erm. I'll put him down as undecided shall I?

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