Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Means No: Nats V Democracy

As regular readers will know I have no qualms about giving the people of Scotland a say over their future. But possibly John Mason, the SNP's candidate for Glasgow East, has let the real cat out of the bag. Could Scotland be the next Quebec?

If in 2010 Alex and his cohorts manage to hold their referendum and the computer churns out the result and says no, according to Mason that will not be the end. So no hint of abiding by the democratic will of the people, put pushing on, and on, and on in a neverendum to get the result they want; nay need. Therein lies another tale, we'd guessed this may well be the scenario but just how often, and how regularly, after that will they repose the question.

If we end up in a cycle of neverendae this is another cost that a Nationalist administration will continue to foist upon the people of Scotland. Maybe their intent is to bankrupt Scotland into submission.

However, if they cannot convince Scotland in 2010, when in all possibility there will be a Tory administration in Westminster, what hope do they have? Oh yes, we know just why Alex is waiting that long to 'bring it on'; the ghost of government's past. Although on Labour's current form that may be a bad move, as the ghost of government's recently deceased by 2010 may well be far worse than the Poll Tax memories, Tommy Sheridan excluded.

However, Mason may have scored a big own goal by saying this in such a high profile time. The fact that the national press have picked up on it can't be good. Following so slowly after the withdrawal of Alex's promise of a quake in Glasgow East are the Nats starting to unravel themselves with overconfidence.

Mason goes on to try and compare the referendum to a proposal of marriage. Sorry John but the question is one of divorce. If overtures of divorce are turned down normally both parties then try and work on the marriage as it is not ask again for a divorce. Of course he may be advocating bringing sharia law to bear on the SNP great marriage counselling session, sorry conversation.

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