Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LGA Threat to Eco-Towns

Lawyers for the Local Government Association are casting legal doubts over the governments proposals to deliver up to 10 new eco-towns. Now no matter what the LGA may think the threat of climate change is something that should be support at all levels rather than fighting a territorial battle over who has the right to govern over planning.

Surely a properly thought out carbon-neutral town would not have any difficulty in basing a Local Authorities planning application. The LGA are arguing along old lines that "new developments have good transport connections alongside the schools, health and leisure facilities which are needed to create places where people would want to live". In my thinking of towns going forward these should have all such facilities within cycling and walking distance of the townspeople themselves, that is the point of a it being carbon neutral and eco-friendly, that is the new model going forward. Cars may even be restricted to the edge of town, or designated access points, with good public transport structured in and walkways and trolleys provided for taking heavy goods to the doorsteps of houses etc.

I agree with the LGA that the government needs to discuss and involve the local authorities in these plans, but that should be to envision them of the possibilities and show them that people really do want to start living in a different way, if provided the opportunity to do so.

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