Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Labour's Referendum Stance Blowing in the Breeze

I'm at loss just where Labour stand over the whole issue of where Labour stand on the matter of a referendum over independence for Scotland. Ever since Wendy Alexander's "bring it on" televised statement there has been some uncertainty.

First the party in Scotland backing her, only for the Prime Minister to basically leave her in the cold. Which saw the MSPs use more guarded language, to the extent that they u-turned. Then we have most of the favourites for the leadership of the party in Scotland denying they will follow that course.

Well on newsnight on Monday night David Cairns and Alex Salmond went through the Paxman mean, lean grilling machine with Cairns telling Paxo that their Westminster candidate in Glasgow East, Margaret Curran was not in favour of a referendum. However, yesterday at her official launch she said she was not frightened of the verdict of the Scottish people.

Apparently there is also some worry in the Labour camp that the Scottish Socialists have selected Frances Curran as their candidate saying there will be voter confusion. Frances will appear just above Margaret on the ballot paper. Sadly if there is going to be confusion to the electorate some of that may be down to Labour education and adult literacy programmes not having the impact in Glasgow East as are applauded in other parts of the country.

Mind you Margaret also tried to lay claim to the idea of a televised debate by issuing a challenge to John Mason anytime, anyplace. Only problem is I heard this being discussed as a possibility over 48 hours before she was even a selected candidate, being organised not by the Labour party but by the TV people themselves.

Obviously Margaret is trying too hard at playing catch up after her lost weekend.

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