Friday, July 04, 2008

Independence Day

As I sit here drinking tea I'd like to raise a cup to American Independence on this fourth of July. You seen American once upon a time was a colony of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland but as a result of some rebels trying to make a giant pot of tea, without putting warm water in first, out of Boston harbour a little war broke out and General George Washington and the settlers in the new world told George III (before he went mad and lost his regnal numerals to Holywood) they wanted nothing more to do with him or his country.

Now sadly if only that were the case in reverse. Tony Blair acted as a loyal poodle to Gen. Washingston successor when requested to take our country into this war on terror. Unfortunately he could tell a little lie and somehow he didn't get chopped down with it or somehow was an axe little or otherwise.

Then we had a super-prudent Chancellor, according to J.G. Brown Esq of Fife. However, despite being super-prudent he apparently forgot to save for a rainy day. Well the storm came because the banks in that 'Independent' land decided to over extend, themselves and not be prudent who who they set up mortgages for. After all every Englishman's home may be his castle, but in the land of the free every one should be able to buy their own home. So Mr Brown ended up buying a bank for the nation which we don't seem to be benefiting from.

Now as regular readers will know people from the independent states over the pond are interfering in what is shown on the motherland's television screens. Just because the company happens to have been founded over there. The company says it understands different cultures, yet somehow gives in to the first narrow minded culture that objects.

So happy Independence Day America and having many good American friends who get the whole concept of there being a world outside the 50 states I'm speaking to the rest. You're Independent you didn't want anything to do with the UK, can you please stop interfering in our domestic issues or we can welcome you back into the Union under the old arrangement if you wish.

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