Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Heinz Ad Cleared By Broadcasting Authority

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have decided there is no case to be answered by the Heinz Ad for New York Deli Mayo.

In a statement they said:

"The ASA council considered that while some viewers may have personal objections to any portrayal of same sex kissing there was nothing in the content of the advertisement what would constitute a breach of the advertising code."

Answering also answered the query about parents concerns that had to explain homosexuality to children. Something that was less likely as the ad under High Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS)Restrictions was deemed ex-kids and therefore not to be shown during children's broadcasting, the ASA said:

"Even if the ad had not been subject to HFSS restrictions, the ASA would still not have investigated it."

People may have any number of personal objections to anything that is on TV. It may be the quality of the programming, the content or any manner of things. However, to invent lies and conditions to try and raise you own personal objections to something that society accepts is wrong, indeed in the UK it can come under hate crimes legislation. If you still object you can always reach for the remote control that probably isn't too far away and switch or turn off, or watch commercial free TV; good old BBC.

Now the big question is what are Heinz going to do about it? They've been apologising for the ad yet there appears to be nothing to apologise for. They have yet to apologise to those who have been offended by their apparent sanctioning of homophobic and anti-gay propoganda spread by the American Family Association. The AFA can only accept if everyone is exactly like them, sound very much like a supremicist movement to me, and very much like the advent of Nazism, if they cannot abide and live beside others of contrasting views.

Sadly this group have a powerful voice over the party that currently conrtols the most powerful elected office in the world. A scarey and sobering thought in this US election year 2008. Here's hoping Barak Obama does win in November and refuses to power to their prejudices.

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