Sunday, July 06, 2008

Glasgow East Candidates

Well we are the first of only three weekends of campaigning in the Glasgow East by election so who are standing.

The SNP we have John Mason the leader of their group on the council. The Lib Dems have got Ian Robertson who on the way to canvassing with him yesterday he pointed out Welshot Primary school where the teacher was once a pupil. The Conservatives have picked Davena Rankin. Former MSP Frances Curran is the Scottish Socialist Party Candidate and Solidarity have Tricia McLeish.

Notice that the defending party have yet to name their candidate. So while the other five have been out showing their candidates to the voters, printing literature naming their candidate, putting up posters and in the case of the SNP and Solidarity, at least, getting out the loudhailers and waking up the residents of Shettleston yesterday morning.

Wonder what printers are on standby to start churning out the Labour literature come Monday night. Hope everything will be ok when they rush it, after all we know how Labour sometimes skimp on the small requirements when it comes to elections.

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