Wednesday, June 04, 2008

They've Taken OUr Proctor Away

You are my Proctor
My Mark Proctor
You make us happy when skies are grey
We want to tell you
How much we'd miss miss
Don't take our Proctor away.

Sung to the tune of you are my sunshine this was the chant that the Livingston faithful sang over and over at McDiarmid Park on the last day of the 2007-8 SFL Division 1 season. There had been talk that then owner Pearse Flynn was going to sack him because he hadn't received results. This despite being hamstrung by being unable once he'd learnt about the Division and players with in to buy or loan players from mid December.

The fans singing earned Mark and his assistant Curtis Fleming a stay of execution, that is until the new Italian owners took over this week. Now the manager who was kept in his job at the end of the season has been dismissed by the new owners.

I'm sure all Livi fans will wish him the best in finding a new position quickly and all the best with that, unless of course he ends up facing us in which case we'll be wanting the full 3 points of course.

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