Saturday, June 21, 2008

Queen to Steer Clear of Hull and David By-Election

The Queen's political neutrality may be in jeopardy if a planned visit Hull close to Haltemprice and Howden goes ahead.

Labour's refusal to pick up the jauntlet laid down by David Davis over their policy of 42 days detention without charge, means with all due respect to the Miss Great Britain Party, Generalist Party, various independents and The Mad Cow Girl of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party into a somewhat neutral by election anyway.

I just hope the Queen isn't secretly a Offial Monster Raving Looney supporter and that is why her neutrality on this issue is at stake. Although like the late Screaming Lord Sutch she does stand out on the sartorial stake. I once had the pleasure of meeting Lord Sutch while he was promoting Sekonda watches in one of my department's 'prestige' watch windows in Shaftesbury Avenue so maybe the Queen might be somewhere on the horizon.

I certainly hope it's not for fear of mixing her and the Mad Cow Girl up.

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