Friday, June 27, 2008

Nick Clegg Joins Calls for Heinz to Reinstate Ad

The Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has joined the growing number of concerned citizens in the UK and beyond resulting from Heinz's pulling of their New York Deli Mayo advertisement.

On the Lib Dem website from the letter he has sent to the company he has said:

"The depiction of a same-sex kiss in this advert was innocent both in tone and content, and I am shocked that you decided to withdraw it.

"While I understand that some people in Britain today are uncomfortable with same-sex relationships, such prejudice should not be condoned by an organisation of your size and stature."

He's has joined the growing number of people asking Heinz to "reverse this decision and reinstate the advert".


fred barboo said...

There are things conspiring against me...but here I go for about the 5th time.

Agree with you about the advert, it is so far from being homosexual that you could be forgiven in thinking that those who complained had something to hide.

Heinz would have been better advised to continue the adverts run to get greater (and more positive) cover...

Are you aquanted with one John Oates (of (soon to be) ex-Lib Dem fame)

Stephen Glenn said...

Well Fred glad you could make it, 5th time lucky or whenever.

Those who complained may well have been inspired by the American Family Association, as well as in the UK my dear old Mrs Whitehouse. Pity that Heinz had the cajones to commission this ad initially, shame they've been castrated since by the Religious Right in the USA. Reminds me of the Abbey/Santander ades about understanding different cultures, sadly parts of America are still about 20 years behind culturally while others are cutting edge.

I'm glad to see that Heinz Global Corporate have already seen this post and linked through to the Lib Dem site actually while I'm at it. I'm expecting some sort of press release or response to my emails soon if that's the case.

I'm only acquinted with Mr Oates through his online activities I think. I may well be mistaken and may well have embibed the odd class of red wine in the same company as him at Federal Conference some time or other of course.


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