Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Who Did Edit the Spectator Boris?

Intrigue over at conservativehome where they have a letter from the former MP for Henley, now Mayor of London complaining about the latest Lib Dem leaflet. Now let me try and think back a few years to what that mans previous job was. Oh yeah that's right he was paid to be editor of The Spectator.

Now anyone who is a editor would know the difference between a by-line and a quote attribution you would think. Well according to this letter not the former editor of the spectator. You can see the page in full by following the links and explain something to the Mayor of London, or whoever it may be masquerading as the former respected magazine editor, writer of that letter.

Next to the picture of Boris are open and closed quotation marks and a quote from him. This is quite properly attributed to the man who said those word, that's Boris Johnson.

There are two articles on the same page. In the opening paragraph of each there is a comment that The View's opinion is being expressed. It is not the opinion of Boris Johnson he is only attributed with the 19 word in the top left hand column. Actually haven't I seen the sort of thing used in articles in The Spectator and other publications. A piece is written and a quote is placed somewhere with a picture of the speaker of that quote. It can be from the piece or a prelude to the piece or just a snappy page filler at times.

Now how Boris thinks that the people of Henley will "taken in by ...deceit" from Campaign View, which doesn't masquerade "as some sort of independent Oxfordshire magazine" I can clearly see a perfectly valid election imprint on the page he takes exception to. Just what is Boris saying about the people who returned them to Westminster? That they are savvy to the ways of electioneering? That they are easily things or people who masquerade to be things that they're not? (On a side note has Boris removed the more sensible suit he campaigned for London in yet)

As for sinking to low depths that's going a bit far Boris. Every single Labour controlled by-election I know starts with a booklet obituary/tribute to the deceased MP, and some of the things I saw and read while living in Kingston in the run up to Ed Davey wresting that seat off the Tories were pretty below the belt too. If your going to use hyperbole Boris don't leave kettles of a midnight hue near any loud mouthed pots.

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