Tuesday, June 03, 2008

He's Not that Principled

Ok so only the day after the Tim'rous Beastie that is our Prime Minister set out a non-nonsense, taking no prisoners* agenda over the 42-day detention plan. Just when you may have thought he'd found a backbone as he was spurting on about principles.

Today the same paper that posted his message the Times informs us that he's not prepared to stand or fall for his principles after all. Even John Major was ready in his darkest hour over Maastricht to face a confidence vote. But the Prime Minister is only prepared now, after saying we will fight and we will win, to put the vote to the commons in the normal way.

David Davies the Shadow Home Secretary takes a guess at just what is going on the Gordon Brown's head.

"I think the logic is probably something like this: Tony Blair was defeated on 90 days; and most of the people who voted against him were Brownites.

"Therefore, Brown thinks they will support him if he comes back with more of a compromise and tries to present it as a consensual argument: 'I am likely to succeed where he failed'."

However, a the PM is currently hoping that the 9 Democratic Unionist Party Members abstentions may stave of a very humiliating Commons defeat it wouldn't seem to be that much of a consensual agreement within his own party.

Jenny Rigg over at Liberal Conspiracy was good enough to mention yesterday's post in her Monday Morning Warm Fuzzies. However, it was hollow laughter with which I commented on Gordon Brown's search for his principles as today's entry shows it was guessing that they would be as short lived as recent appearances of a spinal column from the occupant of Number 10 have been when opinion doesn't follow 'his' principles and he opts for others.

*Actually there are potentially rather a lot of these just not from his own backbenchers.

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