Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trump Tweak too Tame

All along the issue regarding the initial rejection of Donald Trump's golf resort in Aberdeenshire wasn't about the foreign investment, wasn't to prevent job creation it was about the environmental impact.

When the initial casting vote of Martin Ford went with the status quo thus rejecting development it was only under the plans presented at that time. All planning applications have to viewed on what is present not supposition of what may be done. Indeed immediately following that initial rejection and before the escalation of the whole Trumpgate scenario the planning committee had said they would reconsider it if substantive environmental concerns were taken on board by the American developer's team.

Well after Trump blasted around, attacking everyone left, right and centre he has updated his plans, although only slightly. The damage to the sand dune area which is designated a site of special scientific interest has been lessened, but not sufficiently say the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) who say this area should and can be left unharmed.

This may be a last minute tweak to try an appease the environmentalist and have been recommended by the SNP to show that there is a little give from Trump's side ahead of the review of the called in plans. However, as this is now taken out of the hands of the local authority's planners who originally requested a resubmission taking on board the local concerns, Trumpgate will rumble on.

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