Friday, May 09, 2008

Harnessing Solar Power Like Nature Intended

Consider the lilies.

Well if it's good enough for the bible. Imagine the scene a pond in summer, the sun blazing down and the water lilies covering it are soaking up the sun's rays to provide the energy for them the grow and flourish.

Well Glasgow based company ZM Architecture have used that imagination to take the step one stage further. They have observed this happening in nature and have come up with a new way to utilise that idea to micro generate power by large lily-esque solar panels on the River Clyde in the middle of the city to help cut the carbon footrpint of Scotland's largest city. It is an ingenius scheme and one that many of the world's major cites should be able to take on as well as they are usually built on some water course of coast.

As the energy is created locally little of the it will be lost in transportation to end user, and it utilises an now underused part of the reason the city was located where it was. It will prove to be a useful addition to local energy production in our urban areas.

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