Tuesday, April 08, 2008

That's the Way to Do It

I seem to have discovered the secret to my own field of dreams this morning when it comes to blogging.

First you need the headline that catches the eye. After all those good people at Liberal Democrat voice only preview your headline.

Second have a hint of a scandal. Even if it referring to a old scandal the whiff of further revelation leads them all in.

Add in a hint that sex may be involved and bingo.

You get all your fellow Liberal's tripping over themselves, as they have mostly come through Liberal Democrat Voice, not to read about your take on China, Zimbabwe, health or anything Scottish that you've been posting all month. Oh no, you get your 4th highest peak of the month for a story about Bagpuss and that in only a few hours and not even a whole day. It's all in the packaging you see. Now I need to sex up the really important blog entries I guess.


Iain Rubie Dale said...

Can you imagine how chuffed I was to be in the Lib Dem Voice "Golden Dozen" for only the second time and at no 3 too! The cherry on top was to get three seperate mention in "Scottish Round Up"

Bob Shaw said...

How quickly you catch on Stephen!

Stephen Glenn said...

Iain I've yet to appear on the Lib Dem Voice List. Although I take a little pride in being in the top half on the other Iain Dales first top 100 Lib Dem Blogs.

Nah Bob I caught on during two By-elections that the only thing more popular than sex for political anoraks was the smell of an impending ballot box.

It's the most perculiar, yet satisfying, feeling walking into a campaign HQ and seeing the press officer looking at a strangely familiar web page as you walk past.


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