Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello Witney! Is That You David?

Chris Evans has started a Tenacious Ten slot on his drive time show on Radio 2 recently, it's a slot where listeners text in with tenacious links to that day's subject selected from a short list of two by Jonnie 'Sport' Saunders.

Well upon looking at my hits for today I realised I'd had a visitor from Witney, constituent of David Cameron, leader of the Conservatives. What is most strange is the search they used to find my site. This Oxfordshire based surfer was looking up Linlithgow Rose, one of the junior football teams I post about from time to time and try and get to see once the senior season hits the play-offs in a few weeks.

Most peculiar, it is a small world after all. (Other Theme Park Rides are available).

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