Friday, April 11, 2008

Can Clegg Demand Internal Controls on the Torch

I've just read that Nick Clegg is now demanding that Gordon Brown should object to China’s plan to take the Olympic torch to Tibet. Now as someone who once had aspiration to be an Olympic athlete I'm wondering what does Nick Clegg have against the Olympics and more to the point why attack the Olympics and not take a real blow against China.

Now imagine the scenario: March 2012.

In the previous 24 months a referendum in Scotland showed significant support for independence but not enough to sever the links with the United Kingdom. However, due to the conditions laid down by Westminster for a qualified majority to be in favour although 54% voted for independence it is not enough.

Protestors in Scotland have been demanding 'It's all for nothing if we don't have our freedom'. But they have been waiting until London's Olympic year to really gear up international support for their cause to sever the union.

As the Olympic flame is lit at Olympia kilted protestors draw attention to the cause in Scotland. In Perth, Australia as the Torch starts it's international tour protestors almost grab the flame from the hands of Danii Minogue. Another protestor almost extinguishes the flame while Paul Hogan is carrying it. Put the Torch reaches it's final destination by the Harbour.

On to Wellington, New Zealand where a group of kilted protestors dressed as Orcs from the Lord of the Rings manage to curtail the relay. With the Torch hopping into a bus to complete its route.

However, in the Falklands, where a combined relay with Argentinan representatives the route is changed to avoid protestors leaving many Falkland Islanders who consider themselves British upset at being unable to celebrate their Olympics.

There is the a cry from an opposition leader in Brazil that as Rio will host the 2016 games the President should not attend the opening ceremony in London. The President says he will not be attending but that he had not intended to dispite promising to do this shortly after visiting Alex Salmond in Edinburgh the day before.

The same opposition leader then also demands that the London Olympic Committee cancel the Scottish leg of the Torch relay in light of the protests that have happend so far.

How would we feel?

Of course the bit about the Scottish people actually voting for independence is pure fiction.

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