Sunday, April 06, 2008

Boycott Olympics Not a Bold Enough Step

Ok so the hosts for the Olympic Games four years hence is London. It would have been discoureous of this years host China not to involve us in their Torch relay.

However, the protestors for a Free Tibet overstepped the mark by trying to cease the Olympic Torch out of former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq's hand during her leg.

Meanwhile I also disagree with Nick Clegg calling for a boycott of all Beijing Olympic related activity. While his heart is in the right place making China live up to its human right responsibilties as mentioned above we will have to be inextricably linked with China as they hand the Olympic flag over to us at the end of this years showpiece. Nick may have slept with less than 30 women but does he have less than 30 items in his possession that are manufactured in China. My guess is that he probably does not. In fact I think very few of us can say that we don't.

We all opposed apartheid in South Africa by refusing to purchase South African goods. Was that just more convenient as basically there wasn't much manufactured goods and clothing coming in from there. Leaving just foodstuffs and wine for us to boycott purchasing which were easily sources as cheaply from other countries.

The Olympics should be above politics. Where else do you get Iran and Iraq side by side amicably, or the two Koreas? Yes there is a place for peaceful protest surrounding events related to it, sadly this morning's shambles hardly makes good viewing. Having the press in China this summer is a good thing long term as they'll be there doing more than just reporting on the Games. They'll be trying to unearth the truth about what is really going on.

Yes I was upset when China were first awarded the 2008 games. But I've notice that the people of Tibet and elsewhere in China are trying to use the world's attention focused on them for their own causes. Not since 1988 and the student movement in Tiannamen Square have such large scale protests against the Chinese regime been witnessed. They know how to use this 'gift' for the good, let's give them that chance.

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