Monday, March 31, 2008

Missing Presumed Mislaid by Government

What a decade it has been and I don't just mean lost data now.

1 Dept of Education car worth ££22,550 (possibly a Toyota Prius although the Chinese Government may shed more light on this than ours)
1 motorbike
1 Vitorian desk
12 rolls of gaffer tape
416 phones (including satalite phones and blackberries)
591 Laptops.

In total 1100 laptops have now gone missing, 503 of which have been lost by the Ministry of Defence, 234 by the Department of Health. How can we trust them to keep our information safe, if they seem incapable of keeping tabs on sources of data storage under thier remit which may well contain copies of some or all of the information we have entrusted to their care.

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