Monday, March 24, 2008

Handbag Flying Ends Rumours of Great Gnat-Con Alliance

Well the talk last week was of a possible link between the Tories and Scottish Gnats after the general election. However, Annabel Goldie has probably put and end to that strange possibility with a veritable rocket launch akin to the other Iron Lady of that ilk.

She attacks the SNP adminstration of finally starting to reveal their extreme left-wing agenda, even going as far as saying they make Scottish Labour seem more in touch with the people. Ouch!

She particularly pinpoints decisions taken on education, prisions, health and Scottish water as signs that what they kept carefully underwraps for election purposes are starting to unravel and reveal the Gnats true colours.

The decision to scrap the schools of ambition scheme she brands as socialist dogma at its worse. Seeing as how the Tories were one of the most ameanable parties to the SNP immediuately following hte election last May saying they would have no qualms working with them on a case by case basis it looks like there may be very few cases of such co-operation in the near future.

1 comment:

Bernard Salmon said...

Maybe Annabel's starting to realise she made a mistake in allowing the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party to prop up a Nationalist administration by supporting its budget.


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