Monday, March 03, 2008

Free to Fife: A Bridge Toll Free

On Saturday Livingston were returning to a football ground across the Forth for the first time since the removal of the tolls on the Forth and Tay Bridges. On this occasion we were returning to East End Park to take on Dunfermline.

Due to my personal arrangements now seeing me spend the bulk of my weekends in Edinburgh rather than Bathgate, it was obviously easier, faster and more convenient for me to drive there rather than back to Almondvale to pick up the suppoters coach. So I was going to experience first hand the change in getting over the Forth Road Bridge. The queues approaching the bridge were minimal and although the wind had dropped you still felt it a bit on the crossing, but I've never whizzed into Fifie quite so fast during daylight hours before. I was pleasantly surprised to actually park up near the stadium in less time that I have recently been taking to drive to where I park for home games.

The result was a 1-1 draw, although Livingston had more chances to win the match, one shot being saved by a defender on the line and Robert Snodgrass being clean through on goal one on one with the keeper just steering his shot past. My only real concern was that whilst the bulk of our fans were accomodated in Dunfermline's Main stand, this is inappropraite for disabled fans and their carers who were thus isolated in the East Stand. But also away at the far side well away from any set of other supporters, therefore missing out on the atmosphere that a football fan expects. So while they are accomodated under the circumstance they fail to get the full benefit of the match that the able bodied fans enjoyed.

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