Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ten Reasons My DNA Won't Become Government Property

So senior Police Officers have called for a national DNA Database. Here are 10 reasons why I won't be found on it.

10. I'm a law abiding citizen and have had no reason to give a sample to police.

9. Should the database contain every citizen, wouldn't that just slow up the process of using it rather than just known criminals. Thus contradicting its usefulness.

8. Our bobbies would merely be looking for and collecting DNA for every crime from shoplifting to murder. How is that going to make anyone feel more secure?

7. I'm not going to voluntarily carry an ID card, which contains my biometric data. So I'm less likely to volunteer by DNA code.

6. On at least 3 occasions in the last 12 months Government data sources have spewed out mine and close family members data. So I'm not trusting anything they hold of mine.

5. Even the Home Office are not calling to make it compulsory. But then maybe they just know they're not fit for the purpose of holding it, see above.

4. I am who I am, and that DAN is part of that equation and has no right being held and filed by someone else.

3. I am a name not a number. Much as I would love to live at Port Merrion I'm no prisoner.

2. We live in the real world not a George Orwell fiction written in 1948. Big Brother has no need or right to watch us that closely.

1. I do not, nor do I have any intention of working for Torchwood. Therefore the storing of my DNA to regenerate, correct or resurrect me as a result of issues in the line of duty is negligible. Should the role of data analysis become more dangerous I may reconsider.

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Tristan said...

None of those really mean that you won't be on such a database if they create one.

10 - so what? Why does that matter. They'll find a reason.

9. Doesn't matter to those calling for it.

8. Doesn't matter. That's not the point

7. Then they'll arrest you for not complying and take your DNA by force.

6. And? Doesn't stop them wanting more data.

5. Yet. The police are trying to move the Overton window on this issue.

4. And? That's your opinion. If the state wants it, it will take it.

3. You already are a number. Several actually. NI number, NHS number...

2. No need does not mean that they don't want the ability and won't try to get it.

1. Fair enough, I'll give you that one :)


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