Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tesco and the Green Points Mystery

Now I'm all Tesco trying to encourage its customers recycling or using reusable bags by offering green points on their loyalty card scheme.

However, I'm sure I'm not alone in constantly having to traipse over to the customer service desk after making my purchases to get these points added on to the scheme because my cashier/s have not added them on at the point of sale. Now I'm not exactly inconspicous in using by bag. It is a big black thing with the words 'use this bag to earn green clubcard points' written on it. I also have it on the bagging area when I hand over my clubcard. So why can't the cashier add these green points on at the time my card is swiped as the bag is clearly getting filled and used.

In my last dozen trips my green points have been added at the till only once. I can tell this my the number of double reciepts, wasting paper and energy from using a second till, to add these on. Now I'm contimplating asking the cashiers have they added my green points before I hand over my cash, but that shouldn't be up to me.

I doubt my experiences in my local Tescos are isolated, and therefore I wonder just how productive this scheme is? I also wonder if Tesco do an audit to show that customers clearly are not recycling bags, because of the number of incorrectly logged transactions?


Iain Rubie Dale said...

I have suffered the same frustrations myself and now simply tell the cashier how many bags I've used when handing over my clubcard just to make life simpler.

Tesco clubcard points can actively encourage non environmentally responsible behavour too. My partner and I are taking a holiday in Barbados later this year and have discovered that every £1 of clubcard vouchers can be exchanged for £4 of Virgin holiday vouchers. We saved over £600 on our holiday and now save our clubcard vouchers to put to a long haul holiday every year.

Ho hum, cabon offsetting here I come.

Tristan said...

Down here in London I have the same problem.
I think in part Tesco are aware of it, their checklist for mystery shopping includes were you given green card points/asked about it...

I find that not reusing bags, but bringing my own confuses the cashiers sometimes as well. Especially when the bag is bigger than the plastic bags...

Stephen Glenn said...

Have to agree Tristan. I have since found that if I produce a plastic Tesco bag out of my pocket it causes less confusion than producing the big black Tesco branded reusable bag I purchased some time ago.

Bizarre really.


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