Friday, December 28, 2007

Will This Roll On Diana-esque for 10 Years?

Ok Norfolk Blogger is telling us that the cause of death of Benazir Bhutto may be a strange one. However, he is quoting Brigadier Javed Iqbal Cheema the Interior Minister, a close assosiate of President Pervez Musharraf, Ms Bhutto's opponent, who says she died from a a fractured skull as the result of banging her head on the lever for the sun roof. Now I'm not sure what speed the car was going at, due to the crowds it was distinctly slow so that would have had to be some knock to achieve what is claimed.

Now forgive me for being a little cynical of the Musharraf government at present, but the surgeon who treated her Dr Mussadiq Khan said she had died of a shrapnel would from the bomb blast. While Rehman Malik Ms Bhutto's security adviser who was at the scene said he thought she had been shoot. Now being someone who studies history I know the importance of first hand accounts which these later two are. Mr Malik is not the only one to speak of gun shots before the bomb went off.

The Daily Mail has Reuters pictures which do show blood on the handle, but an imapct wound of someone falling would not have produced quite so much blood so quickly on a sinking frame especially on a woman wearing a headscarf. They also show x-rays which show trauma to the head and a fractured skull. But what exactly caused that fracture would still be open to debate.

Maybe once the Diana enquiry is out of the way some paper will run with this for as long as Diana conspiracies has been hanging around. Though knowing our press and their coverage of world affairs I doubt it will last more than a few weeks, if that.


Norfolk Blogger said...

In the same Diana-esque was, people too also are ignoring the Bhutto had some major faults, like her government's endemic curruption which she seemed to nurture.

Stephen Glenn said...

Fair point well put.

I admit there were not flaws present there, just like with Diana, which have been glossed over.

However, with no autopsy it is hard for anyone, especially those not even present in the hospital to put forward exactly what occured. Both the doctors eye witness statement and the government statement are possible explanations.

I guess wrote this so that a certain 'official' history does not become the historic record.


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