Monday, October 16, 2006

Lib Dem Blogging Connections Get Smaller

Neil Woollcoot is joking that he is out and about to stalk fellow Lib Dem Bloggers at least it would appear until he gets their picture taken. As a fellow Kingston University Alumni I joked that I would have to watch out at any Alumni events I might decide to drop down to then.

Neil has taken this in the good spirit it was intended. But it leads me to think how many other bloggers have I met since I started blogging.

Only at the weekend I bumped into Bernie Hughes for the first time at the Conference in Dunfermline. Earlier on this year I met and sat beside Will Howells at the leadership hustings. I also ran into Pink Dog when he was up 'running' the show at the Dunfermline by Election, I just am not saying what show. I've known Alex Cole-Hamilton before, during and after his all too brief but excellent sorjoin into blogsphere. As for Caron Lindsay well it's hard to avoid the other blogger in you local party especially when they acted as you agent in the General Election.

There may be more but for the moment I cannot think of actually meeting them. However, I'm not sure whether it is encouraging or scary when people you have known for years come up to you at conference and say that they read you blog. I take it to be the former as not one of them said a bad word about it.


Caron said...

You wouldn't really want to avoid me anyway, would you:-)

Bernie Hughes said...

Always assume approval and agreement until otherwise indicated :-)


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