Monday, September 18, 2006

Not quite the Ultimate Answer

Blogger wasn't behaving for me on Friday so I apologise for the delay in announcing that this blog made Iain Dale's top 100 Lib Dem Blogs found on this pdf file.

As a Douglas Adam's fan I was somewhat upset not to take the coverted 42nd spot that honour going to Chris Black. Instead I find myself one spot above at 41.

I just hope that I was not deducted points by constantly referring to Iain's blog as Mrs Dale's Diary in my writting. After all who said everything is fair in life and political blogging. This is also not to be taken as a plead to drop one spot in any subsequent list that Iain many produce, in fact I hope to improve on his criteria in future.

I marked each blog out of ten on the following 10 areas: design; frequency of posting; writing ability; personality; comment; humour; range; interaction; popularity; independence of thought. This generated a mark out of 100. - Iain Dale

You can see his list of the top 100 political blogs as well as the top 100 of each of the main parties here on his downloadable guide to political blogging.


Chris Black said...

Yes, Stephen. 42 is a special position to be in! But comfort yourself with the thought that you just beat me on frequency or comment...

Oh, if he were still with us, what a great blogger Douglas Adams would be...

Stephen Glenn said...

Having meet him online in Hitchhikers forums I'd actually say he propably wouldn't be.

He was always too much of a perfectionist and I actually saw a number of his postings just as they were posted which were swiftly removed not long after.

Anyhoo in another persona I have actually contributed over 100 article to the Hitchhikers Guide being one of the first to do so.


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