Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No Ambition Reid

Oh dear it looks like John Reid the Home Secretary has followed Jim Hacker and Margaret Thatcher in stating he does not see himself as a future Prime Minster.

Following on from the presses obsession with Jim Hacker's department and Administration he famously said as did tow of his rivals that he had no ambition in that direction when asked about becoming Prime Minister. Baroness Thatcher went even further by regularly saying that she did not she there being a women Prime Minister in her lifetime. However, we all know where both of them ended up.

Dr Reid has said he has 'no personal ambition to attain any other high office'. However, like Thatcher who gained a wide range of experience in opposition, Reid has already raked up a breadth of experience unparalleled by his colleagues. He has previously been Health, Defence, Leader of the House and Secretary of State for both Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as being Labour Party Chairman.

We wait and see if Reid was merely avoiding throwing his hat in the ring before a contest is called or not. The Cabinet Bulldog surely is not afraid to expose his teeth once more?

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