Friday, September 22, 2006

New Political Internet Channel

Hat tip to Iain Dale*.

It appears that we are weeks away from a new Political TV station. This will be a first on the internet and will be 4 hours of policial vox pops and looking at political blogs from Monday to Thursday, either live or downloadable and podcastable.

However, with two Tory bloggers as the main frontmen we shall have to wait and see how balanced the views end up being.

For more info visit their blog but here is a summation of whats on offer:

Tim Montgomerie will present UP FRONT - a fair and opinionated news programme at
8pm every night - all based on the output of that day’s blogs.

VOX POLITIX WITH IAIN DALE will go out at 9pm. Dale will be joined by alternate
co-presenters Rena Valeh and Zoe-Ann Phillips as well as two sofa-guests. The show will
be a mix of news and discussion with the final half hour devoted to a thirty minute debate
on a news topic of the day.

Other programmes on the channel include...
• END OF THE DAY SHOW – Live one hour discussion show each night at 11pm – including a long preview of the following day’s newspapers
• ONE TO ONE – a 30 minute interview designed to restore the idea of serious discussion
• PARTY TALK – with Zoe Ann Phillips – a Monday night show previewing the week in politics
• BROUGHT TO BOOK – Iain Dale talks to guests from the world of political books
• SELL THE IMPOSSIBLE will task a panel of expert politicians and bloggers with the job of devising a strategy to sell controversial policies chosen by visitors to the station’s website.

There will also be specialist programmes – presented by anti-establishment campaign groups – that will spotlight the tax burden, the threat of terrorism and media bias.

The launch night of the channel will include an exclusive interview with Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

*Even if he does have vest interests in the publicity.


Iain Dale said...

I can assure you that the channel will have presenters other than Tim and myself. Both the female presenters are on the left. Many of our reporters are non Conservatives. However, we're not adopting BBC guidelines on impartiality for the simple reason that the BBC is not impartial. They have a worldview, so will we. But it won;t be a Conservative Party one. If we become the broadcasting arm of the COnservative Party we will have failed in our mission.

Stephen Glenn said...

I'm glad to here that Iain. I look forward with interest.


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