Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Scotland Yard to Investigate 3-Jobs Bob

Oh dear Bromley and Chislehurst may not have elected a new MP last week. It appears that both John Hemming-Clark the independent candidate from the by-election and UKIP has contacted Scotland Yard regarding the election of Bob Neill the Conservative candidate last week.

In a press release from Mr Hemming-Clark he says he has recieved a leter which has confirmed that an investigation is now underway to ascertain whether 3-jobs Bob has a case to answer. Mr Neill on his nomination declared that he was aware of the provisions of the House of Commons Disqualifications Act 1975 and to the best of his knowledge and belief he was not disqualified from membership of the House of Commons. However, as both Mr Hemming-Clark and UKIP have challenged at the time he signed the declaration he was a member of the North East London Strategic Health Authority, a post that MPs are not allowed to hold. If he has made a false declaration on his nomination it would be a breach of election law and if upheld would result in a further by-election in Bromley and Chislehurst, where the Tories saw a 13,000 majority reduced to 633.

The investigation may take some weeks while the Boys in Blue contact Bob Neill, John Hemming-Clark, members of UKIP (who have prepared a legal opinion) and the Returning Officer for Bromley Council, among others.


Anonymous said...

...move on no story here!

If they want a bye-election re run they will need to launch a legal challenge through the courts.

Stephen Glenn said...

Thank you anon.

If the reports I've heard are right the police are investigating a breach of the law. If proven where that ends up would be interesting.

Might yet be a story there.


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