Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Is Prescott Domed?

I read the news today, oh boy, it appears that the Millenneum Dome, owned by Philip Anschutz whose ranch John Prescott visited, is topping the Super Casino short list. Quel surprise!

The panel have just announced their provisional rankings for the first time and instead of answering questions it leaves a lot more unanswered. Just how much Government influence was brought to bear on this decision? Did Prescott's relations with Mr Anshutz have anything to do with Anschutz either shaping his bid to best fit the criteria or to allow influence on the panel from the Deputy Prime Minister?

The news is that in the 8 criteria the Millennium Dome scored 67 out of a possible 80 points. It did not acquire a perfect ten in any category but scored considerably high in all 8 not scoring lower than an eight. In all possiblity it may have been a very well put together bid without the shadow of Prescott looming on the horizon but in the public perception we may never know.

The panel have also reopened the shortlisting process to council who feel there may have been confusion over their handling of this process. Why do they feel the need to do this? Is there something lurking in their processes that they want to bring out in the open amongst all this confusion. Certainly the Government are not happy about such a development.

With this revelation about the prominence of Greenwich as the possible site what does it spell for Prescott? Are his days numbered? Can he ride this latest storm?

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