Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Flummoxing a Market Researcher

Last night I had the great pleasure of flummoxing a call calling market researcher on the phone. The opening question of his survey was 'Have you heard about the Scottish Executive policy of free personal care for the elderly?'. Well as a good Scottish Liberal Democrat I had to say yes.

His second question was 'Where did you hear about this?'. Well, I told the truth and told as someone who stood for the Liberal Democrats in last years general election I first heard of it while we were preparing the manifesto for the 2003 election. The poor guy did not have a box to tick for this. There wasn't even other for him to fill in. So the closest he could find was heard from council.

Unfortunately, the only reason I have heard from my local council about free personal care for the elderly was when they were found to be charging pensioners for their meals service.

Anyway the poor researcher rattled off his questions and was getting total agreement to all the questions he was raising. But it possibly made his day to have someone able to answer so succinctly and precisely to the questions he was raising instead of asking 'what do you mean?' every so often.

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