Friday, July 14, 2006

Dear Mr Robinson

I have just tried to pass comment on Nick Robinson's latest blog entry but have been told I'm not allowed to post comments. Is this the same BBC that rang me on the very morning that Charles Kennedy resigned looking for a supportive comment? Is this the same BBC that I have spoken in support of in the press and in conference debates?

Obviously I want to know why the BBC or possibly Nick Robinson is not prepared to let my comments be posted to this part of their operation. I can happily post elsewhere and often do.

I have just sent the following email of complaint to the BBC.

I have just attempted to post a comment on Nick Robinson's blog on the BBC news site. I was attempting to point out to other readers and Nick himself that his throw away linking the words Michael Brown, Lib Dem donataion and police investigation could be misconstrued in light of the general flow of the blog entry.

As a Liberal Democrat candidate from May 2005 and a fellow blogger of Mr Robinson I find it very disconcerting that I got a message that I was not allowed to post comments to Mr Robinson's blog.

I would like to know why I have been denied the access to pass comment to and correct Mr Robinson which other people clearly have. Especially in light of my personal knowledge of the field in which Mr Robinson is your editor.

Now previously I have posted to Mr Robinson's blog with a link to my blog. I wonder if Mr Robinson is becoming vary of all bloggers following his incendiary remarks about bloggers last week. Nick if you wish to comment you can do so freely on this site.

UPDATE: Word is coming through from a few friends and fellow Liberal Democrats that they are experiencing similar difficulties in countering some of the insinuation on that blog entry by Mr Robinson. Is this censorship of a particular political view point by the political editor of the BBC?

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Giles Wilson said...

Hi Stephen
I work for the BBC - I'd be really interested in knowing if this problem is still occurring, since there doesn't seem to be any reason we can think of that might be causing it. You can e-mail me at, or reply here if you prefer.


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