Monday, June 05, 2006

Vote Blue, Go Red

What is Annabel Goldie up to? Every analyst in Scotland knows that the Labour vote is collapsing. You only have to look at recent results Dunfermline & West Fife, Moray etc to see the party is heading to meltdown.

Yet the leader of the Scottish Tories has said she would prop up Labour in a 'stability pact' should they lose the support of the Lib Dems and cannot find anyone else to help them. Alex Salmond of course is delighted at this electoral suicide.

Last May at the general election Labour tried to scare people against voting for the party in second place in key seats by saying it would let some other party in. Now it is clear that they will be relying on people doing just that to shore up their own precarious position. Vote Tory get Labour you can hear the cry next April and May during the campaign.

Mind you for a number of years people have voted Labour and got quasi-Toryism through Blair anyway.

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Trevor said...

As the article states Labour and Tories do have policies in common so I do not think it is as unlikely as it at first sounds. Even at Westminster the Tories have backed Labour policies (eg education) that the Lib Dems and others have opposed.


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