Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A-List Equals Abysmal List

A prime Tory seat that of former leader and Home Secretary Michael Howard has selected only only 2 of Chameleon Dave's A-List of candidates in their short list of 20, that's TWENTY candidates. That is a one in ten chance of a A-lister which are worse odds (2 in 3) than in Bromley and Chislehurst where the local party failed to select an A-lister.

Most high profile of the failures is Adam Rickett the quintisential mincing metrosexual candidate from the list that is trying to promote diverty within the conservative Tory party.

However, the former Coronation Street star should have seen it coming when the Chairman of the Folkestone and Hythe constituency Conservative Association made his views clear in the Telegraph on 1st June:

"I think it is unlikely that Mr Rickett will advance much further in the selection process in Folkestone & Hythe, which is a very traditional Conservative seat."

Considering that traditional Tory seats are the sort of seats that the high profile, and on some occasions highly qualified A-listers need to take to have a lasting effect in Parliament shouldn't the opposite be true if the Tory party have truly taken young Dave to heart. Maybe he should revert to his full name David William Donald Cameron until he can convince the traditionalists at the core of his party that he is on their side.


In the comments below Iain Dale pointed out that the number of A-Listers quoted in the Torygraph is erroneous and he has since advised me that he personally knows of six A-Lististos on the Folkestone and Hythe short list. We wait to see if the A-Lististos can break their duck in established seats, not effected by boundary changes, in the selection process.


Iain Dale said...

This is utter bollocks. It is simply not true that only 2 of the 20 in Folkestone are A Listers. I don't know where you got that from.

Stephen Glenn said...

Iain I got it as a direct quote from the Torygraph

'A Conservative spokesman denied that Mr Rickitt's failure was a blow to the "A-list" policy. Two other priority candidates, including Simon Walker, a former media adviser to the Queen, and Priti Patel, a former Tory press officer, had gone forward to the next stage of the selection process at Folkestone and Hythe.'


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