Monday, June 26, 2006

Cameron Fails to Impress Former Tutor

After listening to the end of Italy vs Australia on the way home I stayed tuned to Radio 5 while I got in some shopping on the way home. When who should they bring on to join the condemnation of Chameleon Dave's UK Bill of rights but his old tutor from Oxford, Professor Vernon Bogdanor.

Now it may have been a number of years since the Tory leader faced this particular Oxford Don in a tutorial but the comments on this evening's news was a vertitable ripping apart of sub-standard undergraduate work not even fit of a potential future Prime Minister. Cameron was accused of not understanding the German example he was citing to model his plan on. Far from it circumventing the European Convention of Human Rights Professor Bogdanor told Radio Five listeners, deprived of Wimbledon coverage, that the German courts actually had the right to throw out laws that contravened the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), whereas our own courts could only say that Parlilament should re-address such an issue. He also said that having a Bill of Rights alongside the ECHR would only cause confusion as British citizens would still be European Citizens no matter what Dave was planning to do.

It made great radio to hear the man, who is cited as calling David Cameron "one of the ablest" students he had taught, tear a chunk out of his latest plans. It very much was like those shamefully pulling apart of substandard work that all Univeristy students witness at some point in their academic career, and they just hope that they are never on the recieving end.

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