Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who's Who on Tory A-List

Instead of shouting it from the rooftops with pride Conservative Central Office are keeping quiet about who exactly is on their A-list of 100 candidates being primed for their most winnable seats.

However, news of this nature never takes long to seep out. Iain Dale, who's not on the list, has rather nicely provided a link to Tim Mongomerie at Conservative Home who is keeping tabs on people as and when they become know.

As of 12:50 on 11 May there are 36 names on the list.

From the showbiz world Corrie Star Adam Rickett (future MP for Weatherby) is joined by Ministry of Sound founder James Bethell. There are also 2 Tory-Party Vice Chairmen, 2 MEPS and former MP Howard Flight.

Apparently one of the female half of the list is Maria Hutchings who famously challenged the Prime Minister, regarding education provision for her autistic son, live on Channel 5's Wright Stuff during last year's campaign.

The fact that Flight is on the list in interesting. He was ousted by then leader Michael Howard as the Arundel and South Downs candidate only a few weeks before last year's General Election, because of comments about Tory spending plans. So is David Cameron planning that the Tories can change to win by taking on the package off-loaded by his predesessor?


Paul said... that by me again....are you saying that Iain Dale is not on this list! Crikey. It bears repeating......several times :-)

Stephen Glenn said...

Really I'd no idead it was SUCH big news. ;-)

Dave Nice but Knave said...

I've got a little A list
...and they'd none of them be missed

Apols to G&S


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