Friday, May 05, 2006

Up All Night

Well after yesterday’s lie in I went and spoilt it by not sleeping all night but arrived at work this morning refreshed.

Obviously I couldn’t go to sleep until both the English council areas I’ve lived in had declared. Kingston was the later of the two to declare. Of the three wards I lived in Tolworth and Hook Rise and Chessington North and Hook both declared a full slate of Lib Dems. The first ward did so easily but the second saw fellow blogger Mary Reid just see off the strongest Tory challenge by only 18 votes. Old Malden the third ward I lived in sadly saw two Tories take the first two spots but Ian McDonald squeezed into the third spot by a mere 7 votes. However, it was good to see that the Liberal Democrats retain control of the council.

The other area where I’ve voted in English council elections is Coventry where I’m most be so out of the loop. I had no idea that the Tories were that close to taking control of the city when I was there in 1992 that would have been unheard of. Mind you last night they finally crossed the threshold for the first time in heaven knows how long and put the city of Lady Godiva into the Blue column. I think I'll go off and try and find out when the Conservative last controlled the city now.


Mary Reid said...

Stephen - thanks! I guess you must have been too young to deliver Focus when you lived here...

Stephen Glenn said...

Actually Mary I was at the Poly/Uni at the time between studying, athletics, Christian Union, student politics and journalism I'd quite a full slate. The reason I'm glad Ian is still there is that I did sign Ian's nomination papers either the year he was first elected or first defended his seat on council.


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