Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To Talk or Not to Talk That is the Question

Trouble is brewing, as always, at Stormont. This time it appears that the DUP aren't quite sure where they stand.

On 13 May the DUP's Peter Robinson said:

"The secretary of state suggested [a committee] in terms that are satisfactory to us.

"We believe that yes, it is necessary for the assembly to look at the issues which are an obstacle to devolution and how they can be removed... if parties aren't prepared to look at what the obstacles to devolution are and how they may be removed then what on earth are they into an assembly for and what on earth were they elected for?"

However, in his press conference after he turned down the nomination as First Minister Rev. Paisley said that he wasn't going to sit down in a committee with either Sinn Fein or the Ulster Unionist Party as both "had links to paramilitaries".

So the question has to be asked of Paisely and his party if they aren't prepared to look at hte obstacles to develution and how they can be removed what are they doing at Stormont? Why did they bother to stand in the last round of assembly elections?

Come on Dr. Paisley Mr. Robinson deserves an answer for asking this question.

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