Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Have Tories Given Up on Winning Already

Ok my understanding of Dave's A-List was that these people would have to apply for the party deemed to be their top target seats. However, in today there is a report that the uptake is slow for the first 35 seats.

The article says that the target seats for priority candidates will in future include only those constituencies that the party has a realistic chance of winning. Apparently the first trance of 35 seats are mainly Lib Dem held and the Times says we will hard to shift or else have a sizeable Labour majority. Hardly the talk of a party expecting to form the next Government.

There is also bad news for the A-Lististos. One of the hottest tickets, Finchley and Golder's Green local party (of course part of Margaret Thatcher's seat) where there is only a 741 Labour Majority are not going ahead with their selection despite numerous applications. They want to go ahead with a local candidate not on the A-List who will need the approval of Central Office.

With Bromley and Chiselhurst also seeking to select a local candidate on Thursday another plum seat looks out of reach of the 100 best Tories not in Parliament. Maybe they should practice their croquet more, as that appears to be the current way to get a plum job with no responsibility.

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