Saturday, May 20, 2006

BAA Objects to Edinburgh Airport Rail Link

The British Airports Authority has objected to proposals to link Edinburgh Airport to the Scottish Rail network.

Trains already run past the end of the runway on their way north to the Forth Bridge and Glasgow/Edinburgh trains run to the south of the Airport across the A8. But the proposals are the build links from these routes to connect up to a hub near the terminal building. At the present with the exception of the dedicated Airport buses it is impossible to get to Edinburgh Airport by public transport. Buses do go past the exit but it does mean over half a mile of a walk to the terminal.

Strangely BAA are claiming that making their airport more accessible to people by transport other than car users could 'adversely affect' the airport's future operation and growth. Maybe however they are claiming this because it would affect the revenue flow that their new multi-million pound multi-storey car park would return, even if this is now being run by NCP.

Also bizarrely BAA are objecting on the grounds that building the tunnels required to create the links might cause subsidance and affect future expansion of the airport. I'm sorry but that is so lame. On a project of this type any civil engineer worth their salt would ensure that the tunnels would be strong enough to withstand simultaneous multiple landings on top of the tunnel to ensure that the ground would not give way. A argument that doesn't hold a great deal of weight when you consider other airports, Heathrow fow example, where all many of tunnels riddle the site.

However, the main thrust of BAA's objection appears to be the knock-on effect this rail project would have on their own plans for expansion with an eventual second runway. There seems as always with airports and airlines appears to be little consideration to the environmental impact anod seeking how it can me minimalised for the residents and costomers locally that they also serve.

The sooner that airlines contribute fairly for the pollution that they cause and airport operaters also seek to make their sevices easily available to non-car users the better. Once everybody takes responsibilty the more enhanced the chances we can have positive effects on dealing with pollution and fget on with the serious task of combatting climate change.


Will said...

I'd love a rail route right up to the Airport, but I'm not convinced it's a sensible use of the money. I fly from their quite regularly and the bus link serves me fine. Surely the money can be better spent on something else - a link to Glasgow Airport perhaps? Or improving existing rail services? New services will probably also clog up the existing lines even more.

Stephen Glenn said...

Will the bus links are fine if you live in Edinburgh. If you live outside Edinburgh you have to travel in, often past the airport to then catch the airport bus back out.

And for certain flights this is just not possible.


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