Monday, April 24, 2006

Top Highland Tory Joins Lib Dems

Top Highland Tory Robbie Rowantree who stood against Danny Alexander in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey last May and against John Thurso in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross in 2001 has today defected to the Liberal Democrats. He was Vice Chairman of the Scottish Conservative Countryside Forum but has increasingly become disillusioned with the Scottish Conservatives.

He was welcomed into the Liberal Democrats by Moray candidate Linda Gorn, Deputy First Minister Nicol Stephen MSP and Danny Alexander MP on the campaign trail in Forres early today.

Mr Rowantree said:

"After nine years it has been a difficult decision for me to leave the Conservative Party. However, the Tory campaign in Moray has done nothing but highlight how out-of-touch the Conservatives have become with the priorities of ordinary people across Scotland.

"Like many people in Moray who will have voted Tory in the past I have watched Mary Scanlon’s campaign here with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. The Tories lack of any positive message confirmed they were so out-of-touch that the time had come when I could no longer remain a member of the Party.

"When you watch the Conservative Party at Holyrood it is clear they have not learned the lessons of their years in the wilderness. Under their leader, Annabel Goldie, they have failed to offer any credible solutions to the challenges facing modern Scotland. Contrast that with the Liberal Democrats who, under Nicol Stephen, have set out a radical, reforming, responsible agenda for the whole of Scotland."

His defection days before the poll in Moray adds further problems to the floundering campaign of Mary Scanlon which was recently knocked by sending out letters from independent councillors alledgedly endorsing her, something both men have since denied, and also the backlash against Mary trying to steal the mantel of the late MSP Margaret Ewing.

Mind you seeing the rumours of this start to break on Political Betting this afternoon and knowing what was about to break was a real buzz.

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