Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One Poll Good, Two Polls Better

This morning's Sun carries the latest Mori Poll. It makes interesting reading:

Labour 30% -9 on March
Conservatives 30% -4
Lib Dems 25% +6

Which follows yesterdays latest ICM Poll:

Conservatives 34% -1 on March
Labour 32% -5
Lib Dems 24% +3

So it looks good news on both counts for us Liberal Democrats. The Tories may have cause for concern today after edging past Labour on a slight slide in yesterday's poll. As for Labour these polls were carried out before Patricia 'Good Year for NHS' Hewitt, Charles 'Release not Extradition' Clarke and John 'Two Jags, Two Birds' Prescott so they may well be about to slip further. I'm still checking the last of these isn't a delayed April Fool though.

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