Friday, April 28, 2006

The Charles Clarke Five

Well it looks like the press will be having a wild weekend after the revelation that five of the foreign prisioners released without being considered for deportation went on to reoffend with more serious crimes.

This game of catch us if you can cannot be allowed to go on Charles Clarke we are not satisfied with you and the way you have handled this debacle. You try too hard to appear to have our national security at your heart trying to control the uncontrollable in the war that is being waged with terror at home. However, the things your department actually has a control over has led to this situtation.

Apparently rumours earlier today were that the Home Secretary said if he found out that any of the released men in question had gone on to reoffend it would make his position untenable. So for Mr Clarke mabe it is time to dust down the letter of resignation with Tony Blair has already refused and do the honourable thing. If the Home Secretary's position there is no need for him to look before he leaps. He has already seen what the future might have in stall. So why has he yet to tender his resignation?

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