Monday, April 17, 2006

ASBOs: Is There One Rule for the Rich?

According to Saturday's Daily Record residents of the Knightsridge area of Livingston are furious about not being granted an ASBO to deal with teenagers in their area who throw petrol bombs and have nightly running battles around the estate.

Unlike Mid Calder, Knightsridge is a former council estate and many of the residents there are accusing Lothian and Borders police of having one rule for the rich (Mid Calder) and one rule for the poor (Knightsridge).

However, as reported here last December the Livingston division had already said they would be stretched to run to area ASBOs simultaneously. They have according to the report assigned more officers to the area. However, reading of the nature of the disturbances Knightsridge appears to be in more need of control at the moment than Mid Calder.

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