Thursday, March 02, 2006

We Are Led...Officially

Our votes have been counted and verified. Lib Dem House this is Davina please do not swear.

Well Ming did better than a lot of better expected on the first ballot. The Simon’s second preferences were als0 heavily in his favour 6433 to 4937. Leaving 700 of Simon’s supporters not giving a second preference.

Menzies Campbell 23,264 45%
Simon Hughes 12,081 23%
Chris Huhne 16,691 32%

Menzies Campbell 29,697 58%
Chris Huhne 21,628 42%

Turnout 52,036 72% (1999: 62%)

I guess after I Spy Paddy, and Chatshow Charlie we move into the Ming Dynasty. Now lets get ready to rumble in the electios in May in England and whatever else crosses our path before then.

1 comment:

Charles Dundas said...

Even after "I Spy Paddy", "Chatshow Charlie" and the "Ming Dynasty". I'm pretty sure that the last thing that we want is to get ready for any sort of Rumble(s)


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