Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Edinburgh Seeking to Offer Writers' Refuge

Edinburgh became the first UNESCO City of Literature so it is only fitting that now seeking to become a city of refuge for persecuted writers and their families.

It would join a network of other locations within Western Europe, North and Latin America, when the writer is given leave to stay and contribute to the live of their sheltering community. The city is hoping to have this status made official in time for this August's International Book Festival.


James said...

If they need a building to house all those writers, there's a big empty one in Holyrood at the moment. Just so long as they don't mind the occasional beam falling on their heads.

Stephen Glenn said...

There are also two other Parliament buildings available in Edinburgh the historic one and the one they were getting ready for the first time devolution was on the table. I think they are going to sort out the Holyrood issue, just don't ask anyone when. ;-)


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