Friday, March 10, 2006

Bing Set to Go

Before fellow Lib Dems accuse my headline having a typo, or being offensive to the new leader let me explain for non-mining folk.

A bing is a heap of spoil left over after mining, it is also the uppermost stratum of coal. The ammount of pressure on this can cause the coal residue to ignite and release pollutants into the environment.

One of the bings at Polkemmet Colliery, Whitburn is such a burning bing. Having lived in Whitburn I can tell you that on some night you can smell the pollutants

So over 20 years after the Polkemmet Colliery closed in 1985 the burning bing is set to be removed as the next stage of the Heartland redevelopment in Whitburn. This is actually a great example of brown field development as as well as providing new housing it is dealing with the envirnmental issues in the area at the same time.

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