Wednesday, March 15, 2006

All Together Now! Well Not Quite.

Well it looks like the MSPs may soon be beeming with delight as bus trips up the Royal Mile to debates at the Hub will come to an end soon. However, instead of walking into the debating chamber they will have to put their towels out early on the 90 available chairs in Committee Room 2.

If all MSPs were to turn up to a debate the last 39 of them will not be able to be seated in the room and have to watch on TV screens in an adjacent room. Also it will not be possible for all the MSPs to have a voting button with their chair in Committee Room 2 so additional ones will have to be set up in the ante room.

In a city like Edinburgh surely there is some room available that is big enough to fit all 129 MSPs into so that they can all take part in the debate and instead of having to get up and stand, walk to another room and stand at the back in the hope of intejecting can simply rise in their place. Any way it will make for interesting viewing on the politics shows next few weeks/months/years [delete as applicable].

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