Monday, February 06, 2006

Qualities of Leadership

I did a quick search on google for a list of leadership qualities and found this.

1. Good communication skills: Nobody not even Simon's opponents and Critics deny that he has good communication skils. He is able to get his message across to people one to one and from a platform or television screen with equal ease and impact. The one differnece that I notice about Simon from Ming and Chris is tha the is able to engage and move people along with him sharing his contagious entusiasm.

2. A leader has honesty: People may criticise Simon for not being totally open about his past, however, looking at the reaction that the press are still giving someone with such a past can anyone be surprised that something that had no effect on his ability in his job and a private matter was best left that way. However, now that he has been honest about it it has not affected his standing with anyone I have met.

3. A visionary outlook: Simon has a vision for our party to grow by at least 66% to over 100 seats at the next general election. He also has a vision for our party to remain distinctive and not take the easy option of moving to the ground occupied by new Labour and new Tories. That's why he lauched his Agenda for Fairness in Bristol on 2 February.

4. Selecting a good team: A good team around a leader will make up for the skills that the leader lacks. Simon has not ruled out any of his parliamentary colleagues from forming part of that team, nor has he upset any members of other camps causing friction in how he has led his campaign thus far. If any of the leadership candidates is capable of utilising all groupings within the party to best of their abilities that man is Simon Hughes. Sure the young turks might have to wait longer for their chance at the leadership, but think how much better they will become for the the greater experience gained in the interim. Simon has also shown through the years that he is natual at seeking to have this party Reflecting Britain. The cross section of support shows just how broad he does reach.

5. Action speaks louder than words: Many of the promises from other candadates have yet to be backed up by action. Ming has laready been embarred in the Sky News debate over his concern about the environment while enjoying his Jaguar petrol guzzler. Chris Huhne has disproportionately reflected on a green agenda something which he was far less keen on while an MEP. Simon has not changed his spots he is standing for what he has also stood for a socially liberal country. At Meeting the Challenge he said:

I want a country which enables people to achieve their potential, not one which leaves them frustrated and unfulfilled.

I want to work with you, fellow Liberal Democrats, and to lead you, to inspire all those in Britain who believe in a fairer society, not only within our party but well beyond it.

6. Ability to motivate people around: Any member of the party who has come into contact with Simon knows that he is able to do this. I have seen him greet every one in a campaign headquarters and then get stuck straight in to whatever needs doing, whether writing addresses, stuffing envelopes or putting stamps on envelopes, all the while chatting away to the volunteers. Of course he will have been brought in for the change to meet the public but he will not waste any time while that next event is getting organised. He also can chip in ideas to increase the effectiveness of that campaign based on his own long experience and practicle knowledge.

7. Consistency: As I have said above Simon has campaigned on what we have laways known him to be. He is standing on his long held principles and is standing so that hte party will continue to stand on it's long held principles and seize the day and stride on forward as a result.

8. Ability to stand against critics: One of the highlights of the campaign was Simon's reaction to the news that broke that Thursday morning he was scheduled to appear on 'Question Time'. Under the circumstances it would have been understandable if he has decided not to appear to handle a live studio audience that evening. As it was he turned up and faced criticism in the first question and answers from others on the panle. It did not deter him and the subsequent interviews have shown him to be strong in this current heated situation. In time this will be old news but other criticism will arise about him, the party, our policies. Having seen what and how he has handled himself, especially in the last few weeks, I know tha the is more than capable of handling his critics and when it arises in the House of Commons he is more than a match for any of them.

It is for these various reasons that I decided as long ago as 13 January that Simon Hughes will get the first preference on my ballot paper when it arrives in the next few days. I have been unstinting in that support and would encourage others to not be swayed by current trends but look at the long term picture. Simon has the energy, passion and experience to take our party on to the next general election and beyond and to achieve even greater heights that we acheived under Charles Kennedy.

Annette Brook MP for Mid Dorset said:

"Simon is a great asset in winning votes from Conservatives in seats like mine"

Norsheen Bhatti who stood in Battersea last May added:

"In cities, towns and country, Simon knows how to connect with all our communities."

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Peter Pigeon said...


I certainly agree that Simon is a very good speaker. I wish he had a more pro-active programme for leadership though.


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